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LAB+ | The LIMS 


A modern laboratory information management system (LIMS) maps all processes in a laboratory efficiently and clearly. An essential feature of a successful LIMS is therefore the accuracy with which the modules can be adapted to the daily requirements of the individual laboratory. Three important factors speak for MAQSIMA LAB+:

factor understandableability: MAQSIMA LAB+ realistically maps the processes in the labs, and getting used to them works quickly and smoothly.

factor cost: The modular structure allows the scope of services to be precisely adapted to what is required in the respective laboratory. 

Usability factor: The operation of the individual modules is intuitive, many modules are based on well-known office programs and can therefore be quickly integrated into everyday laboratory work.

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Individually tailored to you

Get an overview of our  in advance modular solution. Your personal adviser takes your questions and requests in advance and accompanies you step by step through our solution. You will learn all the advantages very clearly. You are also welcome to receive an offer for setting up the system and training your employees.


Qualified and guideline-compliant basis for validation 

With MAQSIMA LAB+, laboratories can meet their extensive documentation requirements using central software. Due to the good usability, which is largely based on established Office applications, the employees are able to use the extensive possibilities of MAQSIMA LAB+ optimally with little training effort.

Numerous features of MAQSIMA LAB+ ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The LIMS has detailed user administration and extensive rights management, which can define access rights down to the last detail. Automatic logout after a predetermined time also increases security against manipulation.


Cost-effective for customer laboratory validation

All data and their history are recorded with an extensive audit trail. The audit trail cannot be overwritten and enables an exact allocation of object, action and person in the audit. In addition, a backup concept for the data - for example by storing the data in a normalized data model - ensures maximum data availability and the ability to migrate the data.

MAQSIMA LAB+ as a qualified and guideline-compliant LIMS is the basis for cost-efficient validation of the laboratory at its customers. In addition, MAQSIMA supports customers in these validation processes.

Due to the continuous further development of MAQSIMA LAB+, future changes in the processes and/or the guidelines for a laboratory in a regulated environment are also mapped in the software. The modular structure gives the flexibility to work on the basis of MAQSIMA LAB+ even if there are changes in the orientation of the laboratory.

Qualified data collection

When new systems are introduced, manual data entry for tests, specifications, test equipment and other basic data is often underestimated. Therefore we offer our customers the  "Qualified Data Collection".

You define which data should be transferred, we record this for you in the system, structured and competent.

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