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Sicherheitsdatenblätter von MAQSIMA TMS simpel organisieren und verwalten lassen

Safety data sheets

Easily organized and managed by MAQSIMA

Safety data sheet created and received by the supplier? How does the content get into your HSEQ software? Is the content correct?

We take care of the compliance check and not only that. We take the previously defined content from your supplier safety data sheets, check the content and take care of any queries that arise with the suppliers. Our chemists and laboratory experts check the content for plausibility and check it against the regulations.

After verification, the safety data sheets become hazardous and working substances, which are then included in the List of hazardous substances can be transferred.

Mit MAQSIMA TMS, der Software für Arbeitsschutz können Sie Sicherheitsdatenblätter simpel und einfach erstellen, organisieren und verwalten lassen
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