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fault detection

Malfunctions cause interruptions in the production process, loss of image and costs for damage control and repair. The introduction of fault management is therefore becoming increasingly important for companies.

With MAQSIMA TMS | ST you have one efficient and intuitive

fault management system to be operated. Disturbances and defects become central

recorded via a fault recording or as part of the order confirmation and

clearly presented. Depending on the extent of the damage, these become direct

marked as corrected or repair orders generated.


These can be scheduled in terms of time and personnel. the system monitors the appointments

and, if necessary, escalates by e-mail if deadlines are exceeded.

The classification of faults and their causes supports continuous improvement and the definition of preventive measures to systematically reduce faults.

Mit MAQSIMA TMS | ST verfügen Sie über ein effizientes und intuitiv  zu bedienendes Störungsmanagementsystem. Störungen und Mängel werden zentral  über eine Störungserfassung oder im Rahmen der Auftragsrückmeldung erfasst und  übersichtlich dargestellt.
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