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appointment execution - everything in view at all times

MAQSIMA TMS | TD is the central module for scheduling and documenting inspection and maintenance appointments. The appointments from all MAQSIMA TMS modules come together centrally in the appointment calendar, eg from risk assessments, maintenance orders and fault reports.

Numerous filter and search options facilitate the overview and

improve transparency.

Disposition enables the active control and assignment of orders

to the responsible employees and the appointment status can be tracked at any time

become. Service providers can also be integrated into the workflow by

For example, be informed by e-mail about upcoming test and maintenance dates.

Each appointment goes through several appointment statuses - from planned to missed. Each status can be escalated individually via email and mandatory checks cannot be forgotten.

A crucial contribution to the security of your company.

MAQSIMA TMS | TD ist das zentrale Modul für die Disposition und Dokumentation von Prüf- und Wartungsterminen. Im Terminkalender laufen die Termine aus allen MAQSIMA TMS-Modulen zentral zusammen, z.B. aus Gefährdungsbeurteilungen, Wartungsaufträgen und Störungsmeldungen.  Zahlreiche Filter- und Suchmöglichkeiten erleichtern die Übersicht und  verbessern die Transparenz.
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