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The introduction of management systems in the areas of environmental, health & safety management and maintenance is a complex process that requires immense experience and expertise in many different areas.


MAQSIMA supports its customers holistically by utilising experts from the respective subject areas. Without exception, our consultants are trained occupational safety specialists.
Based on an analysis of the current situation by our specialists and experts from our network of experts, we develop customised solutions that are optimally integrated into the customer's organisation.


MAQSIMA - more than just a software company

The aim of our holistic approach is not just the introduction of software, but an integrated solution that supports all of the customer's needs with regard to the legally compliant mapping of their operator obligations.
This ultimately leads to increased legal certainty due to the minimisation of the personal liability of those responsible, while at the same time reducing costs.


FASI's determine your risk potential and need for action

As part of a site inspection, SachExperts and specialists for occupational safety will work with you to identify the potential dangers and the need for action. Specifically in your operational environment and in the individual use of systems and technical aids. At the same time, the experts check the current status of operational occupational safety with regard to topicality, completeness and legal conformity.
That means in detail:

  • Analysis of the operational organization of occupational safety

  • Analysis of labor protection documentation

  • Determination of the relevant legal test bases for people, systems, work equipment, workplace facilities, hazardous substances and personal protective equipment based on the MAQSIMA knowledge methodology from more than 1,800 knowledge sources

  • Creation of defect reports for technical systems and equipment

The individual analysis forms the basis for a dedicated definition of the necessary steps towards an efficient and target-oriented HSEQ management system. Of course, we will work with you to define the appropriate tools for introduction and implementation. Concrete templates and samples are the optimal basis for a quick setup or for supplementing the existing management system.
That means in detail:

  • Definition of operator obligations for workplace facilities, work equipment, PPE, etc.

  • Creation of risk assessments according to ArbSchG, BetrSichV and GefStoffV et al.

  • Definition of a plant directory (structure, structure, identification) and the organizational structure

  • Definition of the processes for handling operator obligations (deadline management, documentation of defects, etc.)

  • Online access to results via MAQSIMA Cloud


Active support from trained specialists

The qualified MAQSIMA consultants actively support you in the implementation of all measures for the introduction of your MAQSIMA TMS. These are exclusively trained specialists for occupational safety.

That means in detail:

  • Creation of the operational system cadastre for systems and equipment that require testing and assignment of the statutory operator obligations

  • Scheduling of operator obligations including schedule overview

  • Configuration of the e-mail escalation for test appointments

  • Customizing MAQSIMA TMS

  • Configuration of rights management and reportingns


Continuous operation and optimization

The tasks in the area of occupational health and safety go beyond the implementation of the necessary systems and processes. Potential hazards must be evaluated regularly, and occupational safety measures must be monitored and documented regularly.

The trained employees of MAQSIMA also take on these tasks on request and thus make a decisive contribution to the continuous operation and optimization of the system.

That means for example:

  • Management of the testing service provider for specific tests from the point of view of occupational safety law for systems and work equipment that are subject to monitoring

  • Selection of the audit service providers with regard to the qualification and the completeness and correctness of the audit certificates

  • Monitoring and control of the testing companies in relation to the statutory testing periods and tolerances

  • Conducting tests by our certified inspectors (e.g. for fire protection doors, hold-open devices, power-operated doors and gates, shelving systems, ladders and steps)

We continuously check potential for improvement and regularly adapt your occupational safety management to the current state of the art. Time-consuming search and adjustment work is no longer necessary for you and at the same time you achieve maximum legal compliance.

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