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TMS | The technical

management system

Environment, Health & Safety Management System Software

At EHS (Environment-Health-Safety) management systems, play it safe with us. MAQSIMA TMS is one of those Germany's leading environmental and occupational safety management systems. Due to the unique methodology, which was developed together with experts, the technical management system MAQSIMA TMS represents the state of the art for over 2,300 sources in the form of technical systems, work equipment, workplace facilities, personal protective equipment, hazardous substances, activities, roles, etc.

The presentation is uniform from the point of view of the operator in the form of concrete measures (technical, organizational, personal) and instructions including the associated legal bases, cycles, qualifications, work plans and documents.

The MAQSIMA sources are permanently monitored by the MAQSIMA expert network and updated twice a year. The customer receives an overview of which of the systems he operates are affected by a change in the legal situation and where there is a need for action.

MAQSIMA TMS is the solution for companies dealing with the issues occupational safety,hazardous materialsoperating instructionsinstructions want to design and document efficiently, in compliance with the law. The process-oriented structure of the software enables a quick and, above all, tailor-made introduction in your company. You decide which modules and measures are relevant for your company. The cooperation of legal experts, specialists for occupational safety according to ASiG, experts and IT specialists guarantee a legally compliant and efficient solution.

Due to its database basis and the interaction of the modules and processes, MAQSIMA TMS is particularly suitable for large and medium-sized companies that want to establish a company-wide standard for their occupational safety issues. Central specifications are implemented decentrally.
Concentrate on your core business and rely on MAQSIMA's more than 15 years of experience in the development and optimization of an easy-to-use HSE system.



Individually tailored to you

Please get one in advanceen overview our modular solution. Your personal advisor will take your questions and requests in advance and accompany you step by step through our solution. You will experience all the advantages clearly. You will also be happy to receive an offer for setting up the system and training your employees.

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