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Mit dem Modul MAQSIMA Lab+ | Barcode können automatisierte Aktionen durchgeführt werden

LAB+ | barcode

Automated Actions

The Lab+ LIMS barcode module is a powerful feature specifically designed for efficient laboratory sample management. It enables the use of barcodes to identify and track samples throughout the laboratory process. ​ With the barcode module, laboratory employees can use each sample

container or assign a unique barcode to each sample.

These barcodes can be printed on labels and then attached to the

samples become. The use of barcodes eliminates the need for manual

entry Sample data entering the system eliminates the risk of errors and

confusion is drastically reduced. ​

Once samples are barcoded, they can be easily scanned to be recorded

in the LIMS. The scanned barcodes are linked to the associated information

in the LIMS database, enabling rapid and accurate identification and tracking of samples.

The barcode module offers numerous advantages for laboratory work. It improves efficiency by allowing samples to be collected quickly and easily without the need for time-consuming manual entries. In addition, it minimizes the risk of data transmission errors and improves data integrity. ​


The MAQSIMA LAB+ | module Barcode also makes it easier to trace samples in the laboratory. Each step in the laboratory process, such as sample preparation, analysis or storage, can be linked to the corresponding barcode. This enables accurate tracking of sample movements and activities in the LIMS, which in turn supports quality assurance and regulatory compliance. ​


In addition, the barcode module enables improved traceability of test results. When analyzes are performed, the barcode information can be used to ensure that results are assigned to the correct samples. This ensures accurate documentation and makes reporting easier. ​


Overall, the Lab+ LIMS barcode module provides an efficient and reliable method for identifying and tracking laboratory samples. It improves productivity, reduces errors and helps maintain quality standards. By using barcodes, laboratories can optimize their workflows and ensure effective sample management.

Mit dem Modul MAQSIMA Lab+ | Barcode können automatisierte Aktionen durchgeführt werden
Das Modul MAQSIMA LAB+ | Barcode erleichtert auch die Rückverfolgbarkeit von Proben im Labor. Jeder Schritt im Laborprozess, wie z.B. Probenvorbereitung, Analyse oder Lagerung, kann mit dem entsprechenden Barcode verknüpft werden.
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