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legal cadastre

Systematic processing of legal regulations

Those responsible in a company are confronted with an enormous number of obligations and requirements with regard to the safe operation of their systems and equipment.

It is the responsibility of every operator of technical systems, workplace facilities or work equipment to determine, interpret, implement, document and regularly update the relevant operator obligations.

A task that takes a lot of time and requires extensive legal know-how.

Method unique in Germany

To support those responsible, MAQSIMA has developed a legal register that is unique in Germany, which, based on the test object (system, work equipment, person, activity, role, etc.), systematically prepares all regulations for safe work operation and translates them into concrete instructions (technical, organizational and personal measures ).* The operators can see at a glance which legal obligations apply to the operation of their systems. The time-consuming search and interpretation of the legal sources is no longer necessary.

Experts automatically update the MAQSIMA TMS legal register software twice a year. Thus, the responsible operator always has the currently valid state of the art available and can fulfill his obligations easily and in accordance with the law.

MAQSIMA TMS thus makes a decisive contribution to the security and legal compliance of the company.


*The following topics are currently covered by the legal cadastre: waste water, Occupational health care, workplace / activities, occupational safety organization, workplace, biological agents, CSC containers, data protection, measuring devices subject to mandatory calibration, natural gas systems (customer property), sources of knowledge BetrSichV., district heating transmission stations (customer property), furnaces, dangerous goods, hazardous materials, Plants requiring approval, Plants that require sweeping and monitoring, Personal protective equipment, Substances that lead to the depletion of the ozone layer, Technical plants and facilities in accordance with building regulations, Model plants in accordance with the model test regulation, Technical safety management, Drinking water plants (customer property), UVV tests, Traffic safety obligations, Water-polluting substances, Vehicles authorized to drive on public roads. 

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