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Technical object structure - Structured list of assets

With the help of MAQSIMA TMS | TO you can record your technical systems in a structured and transparent manner. Any categories for technical objects including the technical properties can be recorded,

e.g. for buildings, rooms, systems, parts, components, vehicles, tools or PPE.

Changes in the structure are made simply by drag & drop.

The technical object structure is that central element for the hierarchical

recording of the operational infrastructure. Here the individual elements

recorded and assigned to operator obligations and maintenance plans.

The results are system-specific test and maintenance dates.

Recognizes in the event of changes in operator obligations or maintenance schedules

MAQSIMA TMS | TO for which technical objects the changes apply and updates them automatically.

Of course, faults and defects can also be recorded directly via the technical object structure.

Die Technische Objektstruktur ist das zentrale Element für die hierarchische  Erfassung der betrieblichen Infrastruktur. Hier werden die individuellen Elemente  erfasst sowie die Betreiberpflichten und Wartungspläne zugeordnet.  Ergebnisse sind anlagenspezifische Prüf- und Wartungstermine.
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