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Information sharing via the intranet

An important part of occupational safety is informing the employees in the company about the occupational safety measures. This includes, for example, defined

Examinations, organizational measures, occupational health check-ups

and protective measures from the risk assessments.

Furthermore, according to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, the list of

hazardous substances must be accessible to employees and operating instructions

for activities with work equipment and/or hazardous substances must be known and 

to be trained.

MAQSIMA TMS | is suitable for this purpose WE as online information platform

for all information on occupational safety. With the help of TMS | WE you can distribute the information defined in MAQSIMA TMS over your existing intranet. Employees can use a special function to subscribe to the functions that are relevant to them and will be informed of any changes by e-mail.

Important information that contributes to the security of the company is distributed quickly and easily. The previously time-consuming distribution and updating of information is no longer necessary.

Zu diesem Zweck eignet sich MAQSIMA TMS | WE als Online-Informationsplattform  für alle Informationen des Arbeitschutzes. Mit Hilfe von TMS | WE können Sie die in MAQSIMA TMS definierten Informationen über Ihr bestehendes Intranet verteilen.
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