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Produktentwickler müssen regelmäßig die speziellen Qualitätskriterien überprüfen, die Lebensmitteleinzelhändler definieren. Die dafür zuständigen Labore müssen bei der Analyse neben den allgemein geltenden Normen auch die Anforderungen der Handelsketten beachten und die Prüfberichte entsprechend gestalten. Mit modularisierten, ganzheitlichen Laborinformations- und Managementsystemen (LIMS) lassen sich alle Arbeitsschritte abbilden

food industry

A laboratory information management system (LIMS) plays a crucial role in the food industry as quality and safety are top priorities. MAQSIMA LAB+ | The LIMS offers a central platform for managing laboratory processes, data and samples.

By automating and streamlining workflows, it enables accurate tracking of samples and analysis, as well as improved data integrity and efficient collaboration. ​ In the food industry, it is of utmost importance to ensure the origin and quality of raw materials as well as compliance with recipes and legal regulations. LAB+ enables complete traceability from the supply chain to the end product. Companies can ensure that only high quality ingredients are used and that their products meet strict food standards. ​


MAQSIMA LAB+ also optimizes the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory analysis. Automated data collection from instruments and equipment minimizes human error and improves data integrity. Tests and analyzes can be performed faster, reducing manual effort and increasing laboratory efficiency. ​


Another important aspect of MAQSIMA LAB+ | The LIMS in the food industry is the management of quality control data. With test protocol definition, results tracking and reporting capabilities, it provides easy access to historical data. Companies can analyze trends, identify quality issues and continually improve processes to ensure compliance with quality standards and build customer trust. ​


n addition to increasing internal efficiency, MAQSIMA LAB+ also supports compliance with legal regulations and official requirements. Strict hygiene and safety regulations apply in the food industry. LAB+ facilitates the collection, documentation and management of all necessary data and evidence to meet legal requirements. This minimizes the risk of non-conformities and penalties and facilitates audits and inspections.

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