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MAQSIMA LAB+ | Das LIMS ist das System zur effizienten Prüfung und Dokumentation sämtlicher Anforderungen in der Kosmetikindustrie


LIMS in the cosmetics industry: Efficient laboratory management for quality and safety​

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is crucial in the cosmetics industry, where quality and safety are of utmost priority. Our LIMS provides a central platform for managing laboratory processes, data, and samples. Through the harmonization and automation of workflows, it enables precise tracking of samples and analyses, enhancing data integrity and facilitating efficient collaboration.

Explore the benefits of our LIMS in the cosmetics industry for effective and reliable laboratory management. Discover how this indispensable tool assists companies in meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring product quality.

With MAQSIMA LAB+, raw materials, ingredients, and formulations can be optimally tracked and managed. This allows for seamless traceability and transparency from procurement to quality control, ensuring that only high-quality ingredients are used, and products comply with regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, MAQSIMA LAB+ optimizes the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory analyses. Automated data capture from laboratory equipment minimizes human errors and improves data integrity. Tests and analyses can be conducted more quickly, reducing manual effort and increasing laboratory efficiency.

Quality control data management is a central focus of MAQSIMA LAB+ in the cosmetics industry. With features for defining test protocols, tracking results, and reporting, it provides easy access to historical data. This enables the analysis of trends, identification of quality issues, and continuous process improvement. Companies can uphold quality standards and continually monitor and optimize their products.

In addition to internal efficiency improvement, MAQSIMA LAB+ | LIMS also aids in complying with regulatory requirements. The cosmetics industry is subject to strict regulations and standards. Our LIMS facilitates the capture, documentation, and management of all necessary data and evidence to meet regulatory requirements. This minimizes the risk of non-compliance and penalties, creating an optimal foundation for audits and inspections.

Conclusion: MAQSIMA LAB+ plays a central role in efficiently managing laboratory processes in the cosmetics industry. Learn how your company can benefit from this powerful tool to ensure quality and safety, as well as meet regulatory requirements.

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