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Die Automobilindustrie befindet sich im Wandel. Neue Technologie, neue Geschäftsmodelle und neue Prozesse müssen in Zukunft bewältigt werden. ​ Der hohe Grad an vernetzten und integrierten Prozessen erfordert dabei auch eine übergreifende Betrachtung der Themen Arbeitssicherheit und Umweltsschutz. Jede ungeplante Unterbrechung des Produktionsprozesses führt zu Produktionsausfällen und Kostensteigerungen. ​ Ziel muss dabei sein, die Themen Arbeitssicherheit- und Gesundheitsschutz auch in künftige Entwicklungen zu integrieren. ​ MAQSIMA TMS unterstützt die Verantwortlichen bei der Erfüllung dieser Anforderungen im Bereich Arbeitsschutz.


Efficiency and standardization in the field of security
The automotive industry is changing. New technology, new business models and new processes will have to be mastered in the future.

The high degree of networked and integrated processes also requires a comprehensive consideration of the issues of occupational safety and environmental protection. Any unplanned interruption of the production process leads to production losses and cost increases.

The goal must be to integrate the topics of occupational safety and health protection into future developments.

MAQSIMA TMS supports those responsible in meeting these requirements in the area of occupational safety. The underlying laws, regulations, standards and ordinances are converted into finished test and maintenance plans (MAQSIMA sources) by our experts. For example, there are sources for driverless industrial trucks, operation of continuous conveyors, presses for metalworking and processing, loading devices for electroplating systems, operation of dryers for coating materials and much more

Each MAQSIMA source contains the measures, the cycle, the qualification and the corresponding legal basis from which it was derived.

For the operator, the time-consuming process of searching for and interpreting regulations is no longer necessary. All test plans can be activated and used immediately.
In addition, MAQSIMA TMS also has modules for the integrated maintenance of systems and components as well as transparent fault management. The management of spare parts is also possible.

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