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Die Software MAQSIMA TMS beinhaltet bereits alle Anforderungen der Metall- und Stahlindustrie in Form von fertigen Prüf- und Wartungsplänen, z.B. für Krane, Hebezeuge, Lastaufnahmeeinrichtungen, Feuerungsanlagen, Druck- und Dampfbehälter, Gießereien, Stetigförderer, Walzwerke, Heiz-, Flämm- und Schmelzgeräte, Verarbeitung von Beschichtungsstoffen, kraftbetriebene Arbeitsmittel u.v.m.



Safety is a top priority in the metalworking industry. Whenever work has to be carried out with "heavy equipment", hazardous substances or in particularly hazardous areas, a maximum of safety and occupational safety measures are required to protect employees and the environment. A large number of regulations, laws, ordinances and standards must be taken into account.

The management of these complex challenges can only be accomplished with a flexible tool.

The software MAQSIMA TMS already includes all requirements of the metal and steel industry in the form of complete test and maintenance plans, e.g. for cranes, hoists, load-carrying equipment, firing systems, pressure and steam containers, foundries, continuous conveyors, rolling mills, heating, scarfing and melting devices, processing of coating materials, power-operated work equipment and much more

These are created by experts with an industry background and updated regularly. Those responsible can see at the push of a button which operator obligations have to be fulfilled for their systems.

In addition, the MAQSIMA TMS modules for risk assessmenthazardous materials and operating instructions interesting for heavy industry.

MAQSIMA TMS is therefore the perfect solution for companies with high security requirements.

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Learn how MAQSIMA TMS is revolutionizing the chemical industry. Our advanced technology management system provides a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing chemical processes, safety policies and compliance requirements. With MAQSIMA TMS you can track the entire life cycle of your chemical substances, from storage to use to disposal. Optimize your processes, minimize risks and ensure compliance with strict regulations. Immerse yourself in the world of innovation and reliability with MAQSIMA TMS for the chemical industry.
MAQSIMA TMS in der Industrie ist das effiziente Labor Informations und Management System, um sämtliche Anforderungen der Metall- und Stahlindustrie zu erfüllen
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