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Speziell in der Gesundheitsindustrie ist ein effektives und leistungsstarkes Arbeitsschutzmanagementsystem von großer Bedeutung. Es ist ein wesentliches Instrument, um die Gesundheit und Sicherheit der Mitarbeiter zu schützen und gleichzeitig eine hochwertige und effiziente Patientenversorgung zu gewährleisten.     MAQSIMA TMS ist ein effiziente und transparente Softwarelösung, um die Arbeitsbedingungen und -prozesse kontinuierlich zu verbessern und Risiken zu minimieren.

healthcare industry

An effective and efficient occupational health and safety management system is particularly important in the healthcare industry. It is an essential tool to protect the health and safety of employees while ensuring high-quality and efficient patient care.


MAQSIMA TMS is an efficient and transparent software solution to continuously improve working conditions and processes and minimise risks. In hospitals, doctors' surgeries and care facilities, employees are confronted with potentially hazardous situations, materials, substances, machinery and equipment on a daily basis. MAQSIMA TMS helps to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses and to protect employees from harm.


With the help of MAQSIMA TMS, compliance with statutory regulations and legal standards in occupational health and safety and environmental protection (e.g. ArbSchG, BioStoffV, GefStoffV, BetrSichV, ArbStättV, MPG, PPE Usage Ordinance) is simple and transparent. The healthcare industry in particular has numerous rules and regulations that companies must comply with in order to ensure the health and safety of their employees. With MAQSIMA TMS, compliance with the standards is guaranteed so that the company acts in accordance with the law at all times.

In addition, the manufacturer's requirements for the safe operation and maintenance of technical equipment and systems can be integrated at any time.

Find out how MAQSIMA TMS is revolutionising the chemical industry. Our advanced technology management system provides a comprehensive solution for the efficient management of chemical processes, safety guidelines and compliance requirements. With MAQSIMA TMS, you can track the entire life cycle of your chemical substances, from storage to use to disposal. Optimise your processes, minimise risks and ensure compliance with strict regulations. Immerse yourself in the world of innovation and reliability with MAQSIMA TMS for the chemical industry
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