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Laufende Stabilitätsprüfungen sind eine der Standardaufgaben in pharmazeutischen Laboren. Das entsprechende Modul in MAQSIMA LAB+ bietet die softwareseitige Lösung für die Planung, Verwaltung und Durchführung von Stabilitätsprüfungen. Durch den sicheren Zugriffsschutz und umfassende Audit Trail-Funktionen erfüllt das Modul die strengen GMP- und FDA-Richtlinien.


LIMS in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Efficient Laboratory Management for Quality Assurance and Compliance

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, where quality assurance and adherence to legal regulations and guidelines are of utmost importance. MAQSIMA LAB+ provides a central platform for managing laboratory processes, data, and samples. Through the automation and streamlining of workflows, it enables precise tracking of samples and analyses, enhancing data integrity and fostering efficient collaboration.

Discover the benefits of MAQSIMA LAB+ in the pharmaceutical industry for efficient and reliable laboratory management. Learn how this indispensable tool supports companies in adhering to quality standards and ensuring regulatory compliance.

The pharmaceutical sector places great emphasis on tracking and managing raw materials, ingredients, and formulations, and LAB+ facilitates exactly that. From procurement to quality control, it enables seamless traceability and transparency. Companies can ensure that only high-quality ingredients are used, and their products comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

LIMS also optimizes the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory analyses. By automating data capture from instruments and equipment, human errors are minimized, and data integrity is improved. Tests and analyses can be conducted more quickly, reducing manual effort and increasing laboratory efficiency.

The management of quality control data is another focus of LIMS in the pharmaceutical industry. With features for defining test protocols, result tracking, and reporting, it allows easy access to historical data. Companies can analyze trends, identify quality issues, and continuously improve processes. This contributes to maintaining quality standards and ensuring that products meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to improving internal efficiency, LIMS also supports compliance with regulatory requirements. The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict regulations and standards set by authorities. LIMS facilitates the collection, documentation, and management of all necessary data and evidence to meet regulatory requirements. This minimizes the risk of non-compliance and penalties, easing audits and inspections.

Conclusion: LAB+ plays a crucial role in efficiently managing laboratory processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn how your company can benefit from this powerful tool to adhere to quality standards, meet regulatory requirements, and ensure the safety of your products.

LIMS in der Kosmetikindustrie
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